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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bedroom Bear - Woodwind Songs

cdr - Full of Nothing - fon10

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"We have been waiting patiently for this release and now that it's ready we float in naive peacefulness. Bedroom Bear is known in Russia for his previous more pop-oriented band raindear? and also participation in early Love Cult. Going solo played good for him resulting in well-concentrated childish loner trips. Tiny lo-fi samples, romantic teenage synth tones, little crackling and whistling. Everything recorded live straight to tape in a small village between Saint Petersburg and Karelia and mastered by Sergey Suokas. All artwork made by amazing Diana Vishnevskaya: home printed photographs, hand stamped text, unique cardboard packaging ocassionally sewn through with a thin thread, printed CDr. 85 copies." Full of Nothing
We Have No Zen review

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