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Thursday, October 7, 2010


CASSETTE, Blackest Rainbow, 2010 
Available from Time-Lag and Boa Melody Bar and Bis Auf's Messer and Alt. Vinyl 

A. Cursillistas "Great Salt Desert"
B. Love Cult "Breadcrumb Ponytail" / "Somn"

"Breadcrumb Ponytail": Ivan, Anya, Sergei (Bedroom Bear), Nikolai on Vera's bedroom floor
"Somn": Ivan, Anya live at A2

St Petersburg, July 09

Cover photo by Joe Blanchard

Thanks to Kría Brekkan

"Brand new split cassette from Portland, Maine based Cursillistas, who recently had superb LPs on Time-Lag and Digitalis, and Love Cult from Petrozavodsk, Russia. First up is Cursillistas epic 23 minute "Great Salt Desert", a superb weirded out blues drenched, desert dried, psychedelic mirage. A real fine side summing up how awesome Cursillistas are, if you haven't checked them yet, don't miss this side! The B side opens with Love Cult's "Breadcrumb Ponytail", a swirling blissful distortion dripping psyche dream, a really beautiful 11 minute wonder. This is followed by "Somn" a more crushing electrifying piece with tinkering and rattling from unrecognizable objects, distorted feedback blurts and what sounds like then objects trying to communicate. Limited to 100 copies with parchment paper (either gold or ivory) cover with black and white print." Blackest Rainbow

"I think I've enjoyed everything I've heard by Cursillistas (Time Lag/Digitalis) and the latest split cassettes with Love Cult on Blackest Rainbow is no exception. Portland, Maine's Matt Lajoie is the man that creates lush psychedelia with a kind of outsider folk influence. This 23 minute number is a mysterious transporter into his world where the blues is stripped to its most sparse elements and ghostly vocals hover over like a most pleasant hallucination. Lovely stuff. Flip the tape and there are two tracks from Russia's Love Cult who are totally new to me and start with the superbly titled 'Breadcrumb Pony Tail'. I'm really getting into the feel of this one with the bleeps and shimmering guitars that give it a wobbly liquid feel. Gradually things become more smothered in effects and it gets super trippy. Then 'Somn' brings the noise that really does it for me, lots of unrecognizable sounds being smothered by a big black fuzzy cloud. Both sides here are really superb and come very much recommended." Norman Records 

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