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Monday, October 25, 2010

Love Cult - LIVE IN VILNIUS (XI20, 04/09/2010)

MP3, We Have No Zen, 2010 

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Anya: voice, piano
Ivan: guitar, effects, suitcase drumming, voice

Recorded by friendly people at XI20 and originally uploaded as an .ogg file to 
XI20 bootleg collection

Cover drawing by Anya, manipulated by African 

"A live set from Russian duo Love Cult. The spirit of Karelian nature has soaked these tunes with Northern dreamy hazes and even obvious LUV's split in two halves seem to be instinctively adjusted to the natural dualism. It dawns with hopes and it's gone with ease. The opening untitled 20-minute murmuring improv goes from plucking a minimalistic yet colorful mantra towards a noisy crescendo, marking a kind of a stormy noon. Then great Somn brings a shadow of indistinct anxiety (if you already heard Love Cult, you'll be surprised by this much softer version of a track which brought 'em high-pitched reviews - earlier this year Somn featured on Cursillistas/Love Cult split release by Blackest Rainbow) and then the soothing twilights are back with the short untitled closure, which is Anya's solo attempt to mark the circle's circumference..." We Have No Zen 

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