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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Velvet Breasts - Ancient Dream / ~taqueOT 004 (CDr, Album, ltd) 2010

"Two guitarists, one drummer and hell of a lot of neo psychedelic space jam rock! Velvet Breasts are from Saint-Petersburg, Russia and spin some crazy webs of sound. Incredibly easy to listen to, no hard won hear prizes here its not Wolf Eyes more Teeth Of The Sea. Its scything soundscapes of acid tweets and freak out rock but also some real gentle subtle areas that climb mountains and build little towers of rocks at the top.

Their first record How Does It feel is available to download for free from their Myspace or if you want to take the short cut, from here.
Their current record Ancient Dream can also be downloaded from their Myspace page for free and this link is the shortcut. Though I urge you to go buy the limited edition hand made CD from the TaqueOT Blog." Fokkawolfe blog

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