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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Architeuthis Rex / Banana Pill / Mpala Garoo / Hobo Cubes 4-way split C60

Music on this tape can be viewed as some sort of a journey. And not only because all the artists are from different parts of the world, but more because the music takes one to different places. Different climate zones, different worlds, different part's of one's mind. There is no actual A or B side, the tape might as well go in cycles. From darker drones to sunny psychedelic trips and back again. Like day comes after night, and night comes after day. Orange cassettes in handmade fabric envelopes with an insert. Limited to 49 copies.

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  1. Excellent stuff! Great blog. Is there any way you could post a "try" link on this release? I'd love to hear more, seeing as it's all sold out now.