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Monday, December 6, 2010

LOVE CULT "Sobaki, Volki"

CASSETTE, My Dance The Skull, 2010

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A. "Sobaki, volki"
B. "Untitled" / "Gori-gori yasno (for Yanka)" / "Untitled"
Anya & Ivan: voices, guitars

Recorded April/August 2010 in Petrozavodsk and Wrocław
Mastered by 
M. Geddes Gengras at Green Machines

Artwork by Anya Kuts

"Love Cult's 'Sobaki Volki' is everything and nothing; a space once there, the spaces in between. In tune with something more than words. The damp sky overhead. The grass wet with dew. The pale grey haze of the morning, when nothing's yet awake. Watching over lakes as a bird rises and falls with the wind. Half-heard voices from valleys far off. And you close your eyes and drift away from it all, warm and safe, alive and dreaming. 

Side A is a wondrous mix of melancholy drones, pining moans, and unidentified sounds that seemingly channel higher spirits for our concentration/meditation/delectation. 

B1 is all glorious dissonance and dark noise, deeply engaging yet almost intangible, so discarnate, yet somehow touching every emotion. 

B2 is the release, soothing you, more fragile, still with the unknown noises and wordless voices, ethereal and distant. 

And B3 is something altogether different, but powerful nonetheless. 

Love Cult is Ivan and Anya, from Karelia, "the land of forests and lakes" in the far north of Russia. In 'Sobaki, Volki' the listener can feel this distance, and lose themselves amidst a swirling mosaic of sound and voices. It is hard to put your finger on quite how this makes you feel, but one thing we know for sure is that we love it." 

Kieran Toms

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