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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pawned Pajamas / Golden Cup / Twilight Owls / Flamingo Creatures split K7

Full of Nothing

"4 projects from 3 different countries have come up with pieces of music illustrating a good day. As the sun rises Pawned Pajamas start off with their mellow synth waves mixed with spoken word samples. An easy floating collab between two nice German acts: folk-collagist Baldruin and new new age enthusiast Hering und seine sieben Sachen. In the afternoon Golden Cup from Portugal takes the stage. Luca Massolin is known far and wide for his excellent 8mm Records label as well as being part of Golden Jooklo Age. As a duet with Maurizio Abate they create shining streams of dense psychedelia, very straight and powerful - using electric organ and mandolin. When the evening comes we receive a strange call from a drunk woman with Twilight Owls from Moscow, Russia. This is a solo output of a highly active guitarist called Fedya. He uses punk rock intensity to create psychedelic guitar drones, loud and ecstatic. Closing act is Flamingo Creatures, also from Germany. Ronnie Oliveras and Ruth-Maria Adam (also members of Datashock collective) are going to lull you to sleep with slow burning synths and a violin, perfect nigth-time music. All in all, quite a varied and pleasant experience for just one tape. Hope it makes your day! Greenish paper J-cards. 60 copies." Full of Nothing

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