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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bedroom Bear - Woodwind Songs

cdr - Full of Nothing - fon10

buy it here

"We have been waiting patiently for this release and now that it's ready we float in naive peacefulness. Bedroom Bear is known in Russia for his previous more pop-oriented band raindear? and also participation in early Love Cult. Going solo played good for him resulting in well-concentrated childish loner trips. Tiny lo-fi samples, romantic teenage synth tones, little crackling and whistling. Everything recorded live straight to tape in a small village between Saint Petersburg and Karelia and mastered by Sergey Suokas. All artwork made by amazing Diana Vishnevskaya: home printed photographs, hand stamped text, unique cardboard packaging ocassionally sewn through with a thin thread, printed CDr. 85 copies." Full of Nothing
We Have No Zen review

Monday, October 25, 2010

Love Cult - LIVE IN VILNIUS (XI20, 04/09/2010)

MP3, We Have No Zen, 2010 

Alternative link: 

Anya: voice, piano
Ivan: guitar, effects, suitcase drumming, voice

Recorded by friendly people at XI20 and originally uploaded as an .ogg file to 
XI20 bootleg collection

Cover drawing by Anya, manipulated by African 

"A live set from Russian duo Love Cult. The spirit of Karelian nature has soaked these tunes with Northern dreamy hazes and even obvious LUV's split in two halves seem to be instinctively adjusted to the natural dualism. It dawns with hopes and it's gone with ease. The opening untitled 20-minute murmuring improv goes from plucking a minimalistic yet colorful mantra towards a noisy crescendo, marking a kind of a stormy noon. Then great Somn brings a shadow of indistinct anxiety (if you already heard Love Cult, you'll be surprised by this much softer version of a track which brought 'em high-pitched reviews - earlier this year Somn featured on Cursillistas/Love Cult split release by Blackest Rainbow) and then the soothing twilights are back with the short untitled closure, which is Anya's solo attempt to mark the circle's circumference..." We Have No Zen 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Banana Pill - EP / CD-R - SOLD OUT

Jozik records 2010 
The first Banana Pill record is all about layers of synthesizer loops and droning guitar spiced up with some simple wind instruments and percussion. This EP has some serious shoegaze-like atmosphere with a bit of freaky-folky attitude. Comes in a nice hand-made fabric cover. Limited to 18 copies.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Arabian Horses / Asian Women on the Telephone split

"Maybe it's the burnt engine oil stench of Moscow subway or life with ten million other people in one city, I don't know. But these rockers go wild on this split! Arabian Horsesare the duo that lay a few drones and slowly drum to them. Asian Women on the Telephone provide pure da-da noise-rock / no-fi kraut vibes. The overall atmosphere of this 90-minute cassette is like slow-moving schizophrenia. Pro-dubbed tapes in cases, torn Soviet-era wallpaper with chaotic watercolor print, hand signed. 65 copies." Full of Nothing

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Billiam Wutler Yea "Calico Desman" K7

Buy from: Lithuania ( and Yaizekletka

"This is an eerie recording we have received from Moscow. The album is said to be the result of long isolation and silence; an attempt to get somewhere on mental/astral level. This is the therapy for "soul anorexia". Heavy, bizzare electronics, all recorded live. Imagine a wild ritualistic jam session, but with drum-machine and synths. Pro-dubbed tapes, kraft J-cards. 30 copies." Full of Nothing

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


CD-R, self-released, 2010

Available at shows only 

1. "Hope"
2. "Promise"
Anya: voice, guitar
Ivan: voice, guitar

Petrozavodsk, winter-spring 2010

"Płyta w ręcznie robionej i zdobionej kopercie przypominającej origami. Dwa piętnastominutowe, przepiękne, powolne i rozmyte drone’y, prosto z Republiki Karelii (granice Rosji z Finlandią). Kawałek pierwszy z wokalami a la Grouper, kawałek drugi – instrumentalny. Oba rozwijają się powoli. „Hope” rozwija się trochę jak strona B zeszłorocznej płyty Bardo Pond wydanej w Important – z każdą minutą robi coraz bardziej odurzający. „Promise” natomiast rozleniwia swoim spokojnym rytmem. Nie sprawdzałem, ale musowo jest to znakomity podkład do wylegiwania się na hamaku. Mam nadzieję, że nie sprofanowałem zanadto tym pomysłem konceptu artystycznego stojącego za projektem. Love Cult wydali w tym roku także split kasetowy z Cursillistas, wydany sumptem Black Rainbow. Duet przyjechał w kwietniu do Polski, ale w związku z żałobą, zamiast planowanych pięciu, zagrali tylko dwa koncerty. Z czego jeden w prywatnym mieszkaniu, w Lublinie. Ivan i Anya obiecują, że przyjadą tu jeszcze raz jesienią. Polecam po stokroć, także dlatego, że to muzyka nagrana przez nad wyraz uroczych i otwartych ludzi." OOP @ 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gretel - Casket


"Can a shadow tell a story? Can light be cast from said shadows? Well this is what happens when one stares into the heart of Gretel’s ‘Casket’ LP. Gretel whirls you to a world occupied by nostalgia, the brothers Grimm and, Miyazaki. But instead of seven foot cats and cannibalistic old ladies we are greeted by folk visions of another distinct far away land: where is this land? This land is found in the shadows of youth all tense relevance abandoned like a great Dylan song or a Di Chirico painting. And like the sense of time you are abandoned to wonder was that just a shadow or was it something more sinister? Why are those cats screeching outside the adult in you tells a story of mating season, while the child destroys this false sense of security with images of hooded monsters pandering to pagan requests.
The sense of exploration compressed in this music is unsettling as we are drowned by pieces like ‘Formless’. It screams at us: ‘We are formless and all thought of form is just that’. When I think of this music as music then I am insulting my intuition and ignoring the feeling that I am being watched, because I know Gretel is watching right now as I check underneath the bed at the three minute mark in ‘Formless’. Voyeuristic paranoia tweaking the string section as hell is let loose and the woods are set on fire by the poem’s of Gretel’s elders.
‘Masked Ball’, piece number twelve on this LP, assures me that this is just thought and there is nothing here to really harm you. The last two pieces after ‘Masked Ball’, guide us safely out of the shadowy forest. But we must not forget what we saw on this journey. We must remember the shadows so we can tell are children and so as they can tell their children. For what is a child if the child doesn’t believe in shadows?"

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Velvet Breasts - Ancient Dream / ~taqueOT 004 (CDr, Album, ltd) 2010

"Two guitarists, one drummer and hell of a lot of neo psychedelic space jam rock! Velvet Breasts are from Saint-Petersburg, Russia and spin some crazy webs of sound. Incredibly easy to listen to, no hard won hear prizes here its not Wolf Eyes more Teeth Of The Sea. Its scything soundscapes of acid tweets and freak out rock but also some real gentle subtle areas that climb mountains and build little towers of rocks at the top.

Their first record How Does It feel is available to download for free from their Myspace or if you want to take the short cut, from here.
Their current record Ancient Dream can also be downloaded from their Myspace page for free and this link is the shortcut. Though I urge you to go buy the limited edition hand made CD from the TaqueOT Blog." Fokkawolfe blog

Polypus Sapiens "Sleeper in the Valley" - Full of Nothing - K7

Debut tape from Southern Russia. One man from a rural city records lovely bedroom folkish psychedelia with the simplest means. Gentle and thoughtful 30+ minute work filled with pure bliss. Pro-dubbed tapes wrapped in A3 posters. 75 copies.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


CASSETTE, Blackest Rainbow, 2010 
Available from Time-Lag and Boa Melody Bar and Bis Auf's Messer and Alt. Vinyl 

A. Cursillistas "Great Salt Desert"
B. Love Cult "Breadcrumb Ponytail" / "Somn"

"Breadcrumb Ponytail": Ivan, Anya, Sergei (Bedroom Bear), Nikolai on Vera's bedroom floor
"Somn": Ivan, Anya live at A2

St Petersburg, July 09

Cover photo by Joe Blanchard

Thanks to Kría Brekkan

"Brand new split cassette from Portland, Maine based Cursillistas, who recently had superb LPs on Time-Lag and Digitalis, and Love Cult from Petrozavodsk, Russia. First up is Cursillistas epic 23 minute "Great Salt Desert", a superb weirded out blues drenched, desert dried, psychedelic mirage. A real fine side summing up how awesome Cursillistas are, if you haven't checked them yet, don't miss this side! The B side opens with Love Cult's "Breadcrumb Ponytail", a swirling blissful distortion dripping psyche dream, a really beautiful 11 minute wonder. This is followed by "Somn" a more crushing electrifying piece with tinkering and rattling from unrecognizable objects, distorted feedback blurts and what sounds like then objects trying to communicate. Limited to 100 copies with parchment paper (either gold or ivory) cover with black and white print." Blackest Rainbow

"I think I've enjoyed everything I've heard by Cursillistas (Time Lag/Digitalis) and the latest split cassettes with Love Cult on Blackest Rainbow is no exception. Portland, Maine's Matt Lajoie is the man that creates lush psychedelia with a kind of outsider folk influence. This 23 minute number is a mysterious transporter into his world where the blues is stripped to its most sparse elements and ghostly vocals hover over like a most pleasant hallucination. Lovely stuff. Flip the tape and there are two tracks from Russia's Love Cult who are totally new to me and start with the superbly titled 'Breadcrumb Pony Tail'. I'm really getting into the feel of this one with the bleeps and shimmering guitars that give it a wobbly liquid feel. Gradually things become more smothered in effects and it gets super trippy. Then 'Somn' brings the noise that really does it for me, lots of unrecognizable sounds being smothered by a big black fuzzy cloud. Both sides here are really superb and come very much recommended." Norman Records 


CASSETTE, Existential Cloth, 2009

"Tea That Tastes Like Void": Ivan, Anya, Sergei (Bedroom Bear), Nikolai on Vera's bedroom floor

St Petersburg, July 09

"Bliss coming to you from solo artist Deep Magic and duo Love Cult. Both sides go to places of utter serenity, using slowly coagulating loops that shimmer into the forefront and slowly drip out and fade into your memory. Deep Magic going with more minimal and traditional instrumentation while Love Cult layers in found sounds and electronic noise into the mix."
Incomplete Tales of Several Journeys 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

arabian horses - fatayri (2009) - SOLD OUT

arabian horses are Alexey Yuhalov and Nikolay Erushev from Moscow
arabian horses throw up primitive outraged drumming filled by simple repetitive syncopate obsessive guitar lines
arabian horses makes rotten lo-fi droney noize scum at its best
arabian horses makes cathartic lysergic live sets