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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kon Tiki Gemini & Cavernes ‘Deep Discovery’ Split C34 - SOLD OUT

Sweat Lodge Guru (SLG013)


"Pairing the side-projects of luminaries like Mpala Garoo, Magic Beach, Hobo Cubes, and Bedroom Bear, this split from Kon Tiki Gemini and Cavernes begins with a roiling hot mudbath of crackling drones and claustrophobic melodies on the a-side. The kind that cakes to your hide and doesn’t slough off until your skin does. Cavernes softens the dried glaze with a gauze of shimmering notes on the flip, then peels your face off with sheer will to expose the beautiful, porcelain bones beneath. Limited to 70 pro-dubbed, imprinted cassettes." Sweat Lodge Guru

Monday, December 6, 2010

LOVE CULT "Sobaki, Volki"

CASSETTE, My Dance The Skull, 2010

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the label
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A. "Sobaki, volki"
B. "Untitled" / "Gori-gori yasno (for Yanka)" / "Untitled"
Anya & Ivan: voices, guitars

Recorded April/August 2010 in Petrozavodsk and Wrocław
Mastered by 
M. Geddes Gengras at Green Machines

Artwork by Anya Kuts

"Love Cult's 'Sobaki Volki' is everything and nothing; a space once there, the spaces in between. In tune with something more than words. The damp sky overhead. The grass wet with dew. The pale grey haze of the morning, when nothing's yet awake. Watching over lakes as a bird rises and falls with the wind. Half-heard voices from valleys far off. And you close your eyes and drift away from it all, warm and safe, alive and dreaming. 

Side A is a wondrous mix of melancholy drones, pining moans, and unidentified sounds that seemingly channel higher spirits for our concentration/meditation/delectation. 

B1 is all glorious dissonance and dark noise, deeply engaging yet almost intangible, so discarnate, yet somehow touching every emotion. 

B2 is the release, soothing you, more fragile, still with the unknown noises and wordless voices, ethereal and distant. 

And B3 is something altogether different, but powerful nonetheless. 

Love Cult is Ivan and Anya, from Karelia, "the land of forests and lakes" in the far north of Russia. In 'Sobaki, Volki' the listener can feel this distance, and lose themselves amidst a swirling mosaic of sound and voices. It is hard to put your finger on quite how this makes you feel, but one thing we know for sure is that we love it." 

Kieran Toms

Billiam Wutler Yea | Damian the Corpse (c42) [2AM30]

Incredible, bizarre sounds from Moscow. In Billiams words: “Finno-Ugric supersonic syzygy from scopes of a virgin taiga. Density and rarefaction absorbs in a boggy turbulence and annuls any equilibrium. Trustworthy cadence same as safety belt in hotbed of an asteroid belt.” This dude has the special sauce. For real. Limited to 45 copies. Chrome tapes.

The Chronicles of Ridicule / Fingers Headache (Arabian Horses & Suburban Howl split cassette)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Banana Pill "Watercolor" CD-R

Five tracks of lo-fi psychedelic music. Looped percussion instruments, synthesizer drones, bowed guitar, effect-processed vocals and little noises here and there create different atmospheres, from noisier drones to more ambient pieces. Limited to 50 copies.

Architeuthis Rex / Banana Pill / Mpala Garoo / Hobo Cubes 4-way split C60

Music on this tape can be viewed as some sort of a journey. And not only because all the artists are from different parts of the world, but more because the music takes one to different places. Different climate zones, different worlds, different part's of one's mind. There is no actual A or B side, the tape might as well go in cycles. From darker drones to sunny psychedelic trips and back again. Like day comes after night, and night comes after day. Orange cassettes in handmade fabric envelopes with an insert. Limited to 49 copies.

Do I like Gilgamesh - ni (2010)


Do I like Gilgamesh - a folktronic project from Moscow, run by Misha Shishkin and Ljowa Gankin.
Influenced by finnish psychofolk from fonal rec., british 60s obscure psychedelia and st.-petersburg noise scene, duet is imrovising on forest themes.
Birds, bells, primitive noises. Music for falling asleep.

Solar Ocean - Untitled / cd-r ~taqueOT

Le Creux / Polypus Acephalous / Clathrus / Oliver Meme - 4way split / ~taqueOT


Das sein - Dear Martin Hejdegger ( ltd / cdr ) ~taqueOT


Ilia Belorukov / Andrey Lomakin split K7

"A glorious and unexpected split of two Russian artists. Ilia Belorukov is famous far and wide as a free-improv saxophonist. Besides numerous duets and ensembles of free and open music, he's active in several extreme metal acts, electro-acoustic, ambient and noise projects. This quite busy young man presents three pieces for electric guitar which take you to a trip though muddy swamps, then flying high up in the sky and heading to outer space. Andrey Lomakin is most famous around here with his freaky noise performances and guitar rapings. However, on this split he takes from where Ilia has left and lets the music drop back to the Earth, cutting the air and running into uknown frequences on the way. Later, he creates a rather creepy but very careful composition of ghostly field recordings and unknown clatter, and buries the music deep in the soil, amongst stones and minerals. Spray-painted cassettes, textured white vellum J-cards. Edition of 50 copies." Full of Nothing

Friday, December 3, 2010

Billiam Wutler Yea - Y Eso Que Muerte [Debacle Records / CD-R]


"Emerging out of Moscow comes Billiam Wutler Yea with this disc of seriously damaged and beautiful sampledelica. Like High Wolf being mixed by Mathew Bower “Y Eso Que Muerte” is a dense album of blown out micro-loops and spiraling vortexes of reverb. Themes come in and out of focus. The highs pierce and screech and the fuzzy middle flows constantly, never sitting still. There is a definite focus on enthographic samples here but chillwave this is not. This is true psych-noise at its best and most powerful." Debacle Records